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Sayesaman Distribution Company is one of Iran’s leading FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) distributors. As a national pharmaceutical distributor, the Ministry of Health approves the company.
The business model of Sayesaman Distribution is based on a commitment to customer and consumer satisfaction while adhering to high standards and principles. As a distributor of high-quality brands, Saman Shadow is committed to making its products available to all consumers throughout Iran in the best possible way.
Sayesaman Distribution Company is proud to have provided services to large and well-known companies in the food industry for over 27 years. The company has been active in producing various products, such as beverages, dairy products, pastries, and oils, and currently serves around 100,000 active customers.
Customers of Sayesaman Distribution are always considered essential to the Sayesaman family. The company owes its current success and valuable position to the trust and loyalty of its customers.
We are honored to cooperate with the top producers of high-quality fresh and concentrated fruit juices. We use advanced aseptic production methods to prepare our products. In 1372 (1993), we began producing different cakes and jelly-based desserts. We are the leading producer of confectionery, croissants, brioche, fruit nectar, and bubble gum in Iran, with brands such as Shiba, Shibaba, Milky Ban, and Trouble Bubble.


Currently, Sayesaman company strives to receive a wide range of food and pharmaceutical products from nationally and internationally renowned manufacturers, with awareness of customers’ needs, from over 20 domestic and foreign brands, and provide its customers throughout Iran with the safest and fastest services.

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Selling Abroad

In addition to Iran, the sale of the products of Sayesaman Distribution Company continues in other countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan.



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